Sunday, January 1, 2017

my word for 2017 . . . faith

The idea is to pick one word to focus on for the new year . . . just one word.
I have never really liked the idea of making resolutions for the new year.  They tend to be things I should be doing anyway . . . and I have always felt that picking the beginning of the year to start new habits or make positive changes isn't really the best way for me.  
But ONE word . . . I like that idea. A word is something I can embrace and something I can apply to  many areas of my life.  A word can't be broken like a resolution.  It is there as a reminder and to encourage me every day . . . something to keep me focused on what I need to do
I didn't really think long and hard . . . although there are a lot of words I could have picked to inspire me and move me forward in the areas of my life I would like to improve.  I simple thought about what I need right now.  I tend to worry too much . . . and to be honest life has given me some things that I have a real reason to worry and stress about.  
I absolutely hate when stress gets the better of me because I know better than to let it . . . and then it does . . . and then it does again.   
My word for 2017 is FAITH . . . .
Faith in God . . . that I need to trust in him and his timing
Faith in myself . . . it is my life and journey - no one elses.


  1. Great word. Hope it propels you into a great year.

  2. That's a challenging word, my! I'm not sure which is harder, but I hope you find plenty of both in this coming year.