Monday, January 23, 2017

paper cranes . . .

It was a cold and rainy weekend . . . perfect for being inside and getting online to list my Shabby Charlotte dolls.  Instead . . . I folded paper cranes.  I will get the dolls listed soon.
 I seemed to have had origami paper all over the place . . . so decided to get it all back in order.
After looking at all the beautiful paper I just felt the need to make some cranes.
Happy Monday!


  1. Where do you find your beautiful paper? What a riot of color!

  2. Mostly at Michael's . . . I get excited when I find new designs. They tend to always carry the same paper. Some of this comes from an origami box kit I found on sale. The paper is a little heavier . . . and would actually be better for boxes than cranes, but the colors are wonderful!

  3. Ha, I wish DH would be inspired to make more every time he reorganises his. These photos made me happy on a dark grey evening, all those bright joyful colours.