Wednesday, December 30, 2015

relax . . .

relax:  |ri-laks'| - to reduce in intensity: slacken; to 
relieve from effort or strain; to take one's ease: 
to become less formal, aloof or tense

I have a friend who's husband declared the week between Christmas and New Years "Magik Week".
A week to just relax . . . be a bum . . . do what makes you happy . . . and just be.  I have always sort of done that anyway, but I guess Dick naming it "Magik Week" makes it official in some way.  :)
So I am spending this week doing whatever feels good at the moment.  Yesterday that involved coffee, the crossword puzzle, cribbage and a beer with Richard, followed by setting up and playing this fun little baseball game that he got in our gift exchange.  I read, I messed with my journals . . . I slept in this morning and get to start all over today . . . let's see what happens.  I am lucky to have this week off from work, but even if you don't . . . take some time to relax and just be.

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