Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas cookies . . .

There's joy and wonder everywhere
when you see the world through the
eyes of a child.

Baking cookies with a three-year old is so much fun . . . and ever so messy, but some messes are just worth it.  She insists on helping every step of the way.  I guess I wouldn't have it any other way - although I have to keep an eye on her or she will just do her own thing . . . like picking up the salt and adding some more.  I have gotten pretty good at keeping things going like they should and still letting her have fun and think she is doing most of it herself.  
Now the decorating . . . that was a different story.  I just let her do her thing.  After looking at her cookies I do believe that sugar cookies decorated by small children have to be some of the happiest looking cookies ever . . . 
On the other hand . . . my kitchen does not look so happy.  

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