Saturday, December 19, 2015

paper crane ornaments

 First of all . . . I am doing other things besides taking silly photos of my Skeleton and Christmas Elf.  Second . . . please excuse the awful pictures in this post.  I was in a hurry and then really didn't want to go back and take them over. I wanted to give some kids at school a paper crane ornament.  They are forever coming into the office to get paper cranes and origami paper.  They are polite . . . and cute . . . and full of stuff that kids are full of.  I love them.  I made about 30 of these for the kids that come in regularly and for a few more that I knew would come in once the other kids had them.  

 I started with plane clear ornaments from Michael's . . . and a bunch of small paper cranes that I folded . . . 
 I used a needle and strung a string though the back of the paper cranes . . . 
 After removing the ornament "topper/hanger" - I folded the crane a little tighter 
and fit it into the top of the ornament.  
 Using the eraser end of the pencil helps to open the crane up again once it is inside of the ornament 
 Insert the two ends of the string into the bottom of the ornament "topper/hanger" and pull up - tying a knot on the top of the ornament. 
The kids loved them! 

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  1. THose are so sweet and so are you to share them with the children!