Tuesday, July 19, 2016

coffee and cards . . .

I get behind on posting my index cards.  I am actually just behind on posting anything . . . 
I thought I better put something up here. 
 My mom left this past weekend and it has been sort of quiet with her gone.  I am still off work . . . I am beginning to believe I get more accomplished when I am in a routine and going to work - (if that makes sense) . . . since when I am working I always seem to complain that I need more time.  I tend to be a mess of contradictions though always.  
(I am pretty sure it is both why I make Richard crazy and also why he loves me.) 
 . . . I guess I just need to embrace that - whether I am working or on vacation.  
I had a plan to go into work today to get a couple of things done.  I am putting that off until tomorrow.  
I think I am going to go pick up Lily . . . and we may just wander today!


  1. Ha, DH would love that coffee mug.
    Time and silence - oh yes, luxuries indeed. My favourite, though, is the bunny one.

  2. Your cards are so vivid and happy - I'm loving them!