Saturday, July 2, 2016

icad continues . . .

I'm still having fun with index cards . . . it's seems like I am always a day behind, but I also always get myself caught up.  
Some of the prompts . . . aqua, space invaders, song, magenta, motel . . . 
The last couple of cards I have finished I have done off prompt. 
Life has demanded a little more from me than I had anticipated this week . . . life is like that - right?!
So even more reason to take the time to create something . . . time to relax . . . 
It is so much simpler than some other options.  LOL!

1. Watching Charlotte at gymnastics.
2. A visit from my sister-in-law (one of the best people I know.)
3. new paint brushes
4. An amazing sunset
5. A great bottle of wine
6. staying up way too late reading
7. spending time with my mom
8. praying . . . and how it helps
9. a cute new dress
10. honesty


  1. Your cards are so full of color and happiness. Glad you are enjoying the challenge and your summer. Keep on relaxing, it can only do good!

  2. What a wonderful inspiring and uplifting list of good things.
    And I love the colours in the aqua card, and that cute little kitty is adorable.