Monday, April 2, 2007


I decided to do something with all of the corks that I've dropped into a jar over the years. I had seen a bulletin board made with corks and thought it would be fun to make one. I think another frame would have looked better, but I just used an old frame that I had. The idea was to make something out of what I had. I thought about cutting the corks in half - so they would lay flat, but decided that I liked the way they looked without cutting them - and that just seemed like way too much work to cut eighty corks in half.
I have one cork from a "Vampire" wine that I bought one year for Halloween and I stuck in one black cork - the wine was called "Little Black Dress" and has a hanger on it. The wine was terrible, but it is a cute cork. So I just need to let the glue dry and find a place to hang it. I will have to look for some neat push pins to use on it.

"Who took the cork out of my lunch?" ~ W.C. Fields