Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13th . . . old

I had trouble deciding on what to do for today's topic for -  Sweet November photo challenge.  The word for today is "old".  My house is full of old items - many that are very special to me.  Richard suggested a number of things, but nothing seemed to be what I wanted.  Lily was over last night and showed me her fingernails and as I looked at my hand holding onto hers - I was reminded of when my nephew was around Lily's age . . . and asked my mom why her hands were so old. 
My mom still laughs about that . . .
So . . .  even though I do not consider myself old - this was the photo I decided to go with.  It makes me remember my own grandma's hands, it reminds me how quickly time passes and that we need to cherish
every day . . . and it reminds me that I only get to grow old one time.  I am going to enjoy it.
There is no old age.
There is, as there always was, just you.
                                        ~Carol Grace

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  1. You've reminded me of the scene in "Beaches" when Barbara Hershey's character is going crazy because she can't remember her mother's hands and wonders if her daughter will remember hers. I can picture my mother's hands and even my grandmother's because she was always trying to get me to file my nails pointier like hers. Thanks for stirring the memory pot.