Sunday, November 24, 2013

Out and about on Saturday . . .

Saturday should have been a little more productive at home . . . but it is easy to get side tracked when I am on vacation for a week.  So I cleaned a little - then we played tennis, took a drive to place one of my origami cranes, and ended up eating Chinese food . . . I love being on vacation!


  1. Oooh, lucky you. I just told my dh this morning that I'm going to take vacation days this time next year. My daughter has off and I could be spending time with her. (Waiting for the pie to cool. It's a bit wobbly.)

    1. I think you should . . . I am a believer in taking time off to recharge. I feel very lucky to have this time. I haven't made that pie in a couple of years . . . the first few times I made it - it was a little wobbly also - but it is still one of my favorites. My mom - the queen of making pie - never has one turn out that way. :)