Friday, September 5, 2014

L is for Lily . . .

 Back to school . . . and back to seeing Lily every morning.  One of the best parts of my day.
 My new coffee mug . . . a surprise from my thoughtful husband.  He notice the box that it came in with the 02/08 (which is my birthday) . . . and thought I had to have the mug.  I love it . . . and him!
 . . . and the box.  
 It is actually perfect for my index card calendar.  So now I get to enjoy my new coffee mug and the box it came it.  I can't help it . . . I get easily excited about little things.
 . . . like this.  I found this little pocket dictionary in a drawer at school.  Every morning one of my friends at work stops by my desk and picks a word of the day.  She has stuck all these post-it tabs in the front of the dictionary (which I didn't know about until today) and then marks and dates the word.  She is also easily excited about silly, little things.  

Word of the day . . . ornament! 
Have a wonderful weekend!
"You will do foolish things, 
but do them with enthusiasm.
~ Colette


  1. L is a very good letter! What a great find with that cup and a perfect box indeed. I was telling someone recently about the index card calendar - we can't remember what we did for certain things from year-to-year and I think that would be a good way to keep track of them. And I love, love, love the dictionary idea. I may have to look for one of those for when I go back to work. I'm thinking it would be a good thing to do to each morning with a different staff member to re-connect with them after being out so long. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. I don't always remember to write on the calendar every day . . . I decided to take it to work this week - thinking that may help. It is fun now that a year or more has passed and I look back at what happened last year. We have a lot of fun with the "word of the day." Hope you are recovering like you hoped you would.