Saturday, September 6, 2014

cribbage and cranes . . .

Cribbage and cranes . . . what a nice relaxing lunch we had this afternoon.  I love sitting at this pizza parlor . . . listening to the jukebox, playing cribbage, and of course I always have some paper with me to fold cranes.  These cranes are actually made out of the wrapping paper samples from the fundraiser  we are having at school.  I made some wrapping paper cranes last year when I noticed the fun samples in the back of the fundraiser catalog.  We just kept feeding the jukebox dollars - and ended up sitting there quite awhile.  
We met a young man who stopped at our table and smiled when he saw the cribbage board.  He was probably about nine years old and very proud to tell me that he knew how to play cribbage.  His smile was wonderful.  We met a little girl - seven years old . . . she took an interest in my cranes and we got talking.  She was so cute.  She makes and sells rubber band bracelets to raise money for field trips for special needs kids.  I bought a bracelet and she went home with a couple of my cranes.  An elderly gentleman and his wife stopped by our table and asked about my cranes . . . and to talk about the Elvis songs that I played on the jukebox.  He was a big Elvis fan.  
What a great day! I love meeting new people.
The last photo is of a crane made my Manuel.  His father owns this restaurant . . .we have been going there since before he was born.  Both he and his sister now work there - and are such great young people.  They are both folding paper cranes these days . . . and Manuel shared one of his cranes with me.  Something so simple as me sitting there folding paper cranes made for a great day . . . plus I beat Richard at cribbage - 2 out of 3 games.  

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