Wednesday, August 3, 2016

El Carmelo Cemetery

El Carmelo Cemetery was near where we were staying.  Richard shakes his head, but knows that I like to take a look at old cemeteries . . . so yes,  he thinks I'm weird, but he goes along with it.  I am not sure why I find them fascinating . . . but always have.  


  1. Think of all the stories that go with those souls. Did you hear any whispering?

    1. LOL . . . no whisperings. Later I bought a book about ghost stories in the Monterey area - I may have been a little more aware if I had already read some of them. Supposedly there is a ghost in the lighthouse. I always think about the stories also . . . they are there - we just don't know them

  2. Oh, I think old graveyards are fascinating places. DH thinks it's a bit morbid, he wouldn't come with me when I went to visit Montparnasse cemetery a couple of years ago. When my mother was still alive and well enough for the hills that it entailed, her favourite place for walking her dog was the old graveyard near her. I think all those little personal memorials and shrines say so much; some of them really give you and idea of what the person buried there must have had as hobbies and interests. Mind you, personally I want to be cremated and scattered.

  3. I think they are fascinating also . . . I will share with my husband that I am not the only one. LO:L