Sunday, August 7, 2016

not Halloween yet . . . just having fun

Charlotte loves watching the Disney character make-up tutorials on YouTube.  
She especially likes watching the ones for the Inside Out Characters and Mavis from Transylvania.
We have been talking about doing "Mavis make-up" . . . so yesterday we finally got around to doing it.  She wanted me to follow the tutorial exactly . . . not necessarily easy with a three year old.  She was really happy with how it turned out . . . and so excited that she got to use eyeliner.  She wanted a black wig . . . but I convinced her that a little purple hair chalk was OK for now.  Once we were finished she had to put on her "bat" dress . . . only for a few minutes and a few pictures because it was, "oh so itchy!" 
 It was a fun afternoon . . . I see more of this happening at our house!

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