Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mission San Juan Bautista

One more stop on our way home.
I have only visited a handful of the California missions.  One day I would like to see them all.  
We hadn't planned on stopping and only decided to at the last minute.  I am so glad we did. 
 I am wishing now that I had taken time to snap a few more pictures.


  1. What a wonderful place to visit, it looks steeped in tranquility. It's funny, once I got past the first three photos, the next three transported me instantly to Greece; they could be a monastery there. You've given me a song for the morning too...the mission bells ringing as the swallows come back to Capistrano.

  2. The pictures are beautiful. Sounds like you have a bucket list started - what a fun goal to add. We were lucky to have visited the Mission in San Juan Capistrano on our only trip to CA. It was the sight of a scavenger hunt my husband's company set up for a team activity. I remember the chapel for St. Peregrine was beautiful. Happy wandering.