Friday, August 26, 2016

I just have to post something . . . .

"Walking is man's best medicine."
~ Hippocrates

It has been a busy week with this being the first week of school.  I keep thinking I will post something, but just haven't gotten to it.  So today I just have to post something . . . mostly pictures from when I am walking, but I couldn't leave out this great new skeleton hand I found at Michael's. 
I had a fantastic week . . . it is great having all the kids back.   I love this time of year! 
I will truly appreciate my weekend though!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! That picture of the picture on the cement could be an album cover - it's great. Love seeing your doodles again. Have a wonderful school year!!!

  2. What!! Autumn is rolling in rapidly here and all your flower photos just scream summer holidays in Greece to me. I have a friend who would just love that hand.
    Like Lorraine, I really like the photo of the picture on the cement, and the quality of light in it, which is just beautiful.