Monday, August 8, 2016

ghosts stories and flowers . . .

 Yes, I actually bought this book to read on the way home from the coast. 
 Maybe I bought it for the same reason I like Halloween and cemeteries . . . whatever reason that is. 
 I love Monterey's history.  As California's first capital and one of it's oldest settlements, there can't help but be a few ghost stories - (more than a few actually).  I can't say I believe in ghosts, but ghost stories are always fun . . . and the Monterey area definitely is a perfect setting for such stories.  I may have been a little more aware visiting the Point Pinos Lighthouse had I known it was said to be the home of a ghost.   
I survived my first day back to work . . . getting up at 5:00 and a day full of meetings.  
As much as I enjoy a break during the summer . . . I am excited about getting back to work.  I may not feel the same way by the end of the week, but I should be so busy the week will be over before I know it.  Besides . . . only 99 days until Thanksgiving Break!

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