Monday, March 28, 2016

feeling relaxed . . .

It has been a long week . . . in a good way.  
I guess I sort of decided to take the week off from everything . . . not just work.
  The weather has been beautiful and it has been a joy just to be outside.  
I basically relaxed and enjoyed every day.  
It is back to work tomorrow . . . I think I tend to get more things done when I am working, so maybe in some ways that is a good thing.  

1. Dying eggs with Lily
2. Long walks and going to the park with Charlotte
3. Rereading To Kill A Mockingbird . . . then staying up to watch the movie
4. Gregory Peck
5. Easter dinner at Jake and Kasey's . . . a wonderful day with family and friends
6. Staying up late and sleeping in
7. Watching the kids hunt for eggs
8. lots of sunshine
9. getting plants for my garden
10. feeling very relaxed


  1. Your pine cone flowers are gorgeous! So much beautiful color you've shared. Glad you had a great week and hope you go back to work refreshed and energized.

  2. Oh, my - but those pine cones are amazing! I didn't dream you'd be using them as flowers - they look so like chrysanthemums or dahlias! And is that a mimosa or something similar?
    I love the way sunshine makes bright colours even brighter, those primaries are a tonic.

    1. I think it may be something similar . . . but I am not sure. Spring time does just seem to make color that much better.

  3. Oh - and one of my all-time favourite books, too. And the film - but I satisfied my recent Gregory Peck sized gap by watching Roman Holiday - it's not all that long since I watched Mockingbird.