Friday, July 18, 2014

good stuff this week . . .

It has been a good week . . . full of doctor's appointments unfortunately, but that has to be done.  More importantly I had a chance to visit Richard at work . . . 
 . . . where this guy caught my eye.  He let me get quite close.
I don't think he could see me through the glass.  He looked great perched up there.
 I love walking all through the library . . . 
So many great place to tuck paper cranes.  
New nails . . . which I really like!
 I found another note from mom . . . that made me smile and think of her.  
 Beautiful flowers that made me wish that I had brought a blanket and a picnic. 
 With some time to waste . . . I spent a couple hours walking through Old Town - roaming through some shops and antique stores.   I found a great USA vase at a great price, some wood and iron letters, an old light fixture (that I still need to go back and get) . . . and these letters . . . which for some reason caught my eye.  I think I like them simply because they are green.  I also found a cute top, skirt, and clutch . . . I guess I was in the mood to shop today.  

Life can get hectic . . .  I have learned how to deal with things so much better than when I was younger, but still there are times when it can all really seem like too much.  I like these three words . . . Get yourself at peace . . . forgive, let go, let God . . . and enjoy the peace that that brings.  Love . . . simple right? - but not just love the people you care about or just say the words - take care of them, don't take them for granted, help them, talk to them . . . and let them know how much you love them.  Happiness . . . for me I have found that to be a choice.  Choose happiness . . . it works!

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