Thursday, August 29, 2013

Magic . . .

 This was on a take out bag from a restaurant where we went to lunch awhile back.  If I remember right Richard pointed it out to me.  He is always pointing out little things that he knows I will like - (I love that!)  I am very passionate about recycling and taking care of the earth . . . I also have this romantic, naive notion about magic . . . so I had to keep this paper bag.  It has been flying around my craft room for awhile and I saw it last night and decided I had to make a paper crane out of it.  If I recycled the bag into a paper crane . . . then I guess that would make it a magic crane!!!  Now I just have to decide what I should do with my magic crane.
" A little magic can take you a long way."
             ~ Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure you'll find something special to do with that magic crane.