Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Wednesday . . .

Whenever I get a large colorful envelope at work . . . I make a paper crane out of it. 
They always look so pretty once they are folded.  I love the colors on this one. 
We found "Ugly Doll" drawstring bags.  Lily and Charlotte had to have one . . . (so did I) - this face reminded me of my doll faces so I thought it would be perfect to carry my sewing stuff when I take it with me.
Charlotte and her sign language cards. Usually the routine is that she picks up a card and Luke will do that sign with her . . . she picks up another card - he does the sign . . . and so on.  Lately she just wants to spread the cards all over the place.  It is hard to get her to sit still these days to take a good picture . . . always busy.

1 comment:

  1. Cute, cuter and cutest!!! I love the way you've recycled the mail - giving me ideas again. The bag(s) made me smile too. And what a little sweetheart - being so busy. You're so lucky.