Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January stuff . . . just because

So far January has seemed to be full of good simple things . . . walking, walking in the rain, fun with little girls, african violets blooming, eating healthy, having fun, feeling creative . . . 
I had mentioned that I usually do not make New Years resolutions, but this year I did.  I am doing pretty good on getting the sleep that I need . . . although it is a challenge for me.  I have to make myself stop what I am doing and go to bed . . . not always an easy thing for me when I am feeling creative or in the mood to binge on Netflix - which I tend to be late at night.   My other resolutions seem to be falling into place without me even thinking about them.  So that all seems to be working.  
I'm keeping it simple . . . being me . . . and finding joy in the small stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Those plum tomatoes look so good, it's hard to find them here! Love the roses and the rainy day leaves, and maybe most of all that happy smile and umbrella.