Wednesday, January 27, 2016

photo challenge 1/26/16 . . . beer

First of all - please excuse me for all the photos in this post.  (You really don't have to look at all of them.)  This prompt came from my husband . . . and he likes his beer.  When I was thinking about this prompt I knew I would have no problem finding a picture (or 25 pictures) . . . for some reason I like taking pictures of beer.  I like the labels, the colors, the tap handles . . . and Richard and I both enjoy tasting different craft beers.  These pictures were taken over the last five years or so . . . so you see I really do like taking pictures of beer.  
A fine beer can be judged with only one sip,
but it's better to be thoroughly sure.
~Czech proverb

. . . and if you made it all the way through to this last photo . . . 
May your neighbors respect you,
Trouble neglect you.
The angels protect you, 
and Heaven accept you!


  1. LOL! LOVE this post!!
    I've gotten so far behind with the photo challenge.....but my T-day post had beer in it....LOL
    Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave me a comment.

  2. Oh, I made it all the way through, on my phone - and will be back for another proper look on a big screen. I even recognise some of the names, and I love all the different glasses. Maybe if I drank more beer outside of work I'd be more familiar with different glasses as well as beers!! Now I think of it, I should added a photo from a small Greek/Corfiot microbrewery.