Sunday, January 31, 2016

photo challenge 1/30/16 . . . once upon a time

Once again please pardon all of the photos.  This prompt, "Once Upon A Time" seemed like a good excuse to walk through the antique stores yesterday.  I loved all the old Valentines.  I picked up a couple of them and found a birthday gift for a friend.  
Once Upon A Time . . . 
 . . . two lovers sat on this love seat.  
 . . . a young mother sewed clothes for her new baby. 
 Once Upon A Time this was creepy . . .
and it still is!

 Once Upon A Time . . . a young woman was invited to a wonderful party.
 . . . she put this hat on her head and walked into the party feeling beautiful
and hoping to meet someone wonderful.
Once Upon A Time . . . 
 . . . memories were captured.  
 . . . gifts were given. 

 . . . and special Valentines were picked out for loved ones.  

Once Upon A Time . . . someone made a phone call
 . . . or typed a letter to someone they loved.  
"Once upon a time there was a boy that loved a girl, 
and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his
whole life answering."  
~ Nicole Krauss


  1. I was kind of lost with this one but I love the way you went with it. Great pictures and a great story!!!

    1. At first I was going to go take a photo of an old brick arch that is the only thing left of an old school house . . . but it was so cold and rainy . . . and I need to get a gift - so the antique store idea seemed like a good idea.

  2. Fabulous!! I so wish I had kept one of my old typewriters. That and the sewing machine I think were my favourite photos. I learned to sew on a machine not much more "modern" than that one, though my dad painted it in blue and white with little flowers to make it special for a little girl. What a delightful write-up and wander through the past. The quote (and last photo) are fabulous. I've never seen that quote before - it sounds like something that could be in the Princess Bride.

  3. I learned to sew on an older machine also. Your dad sounds like he was very special.