Sunday, January 17, 2016

photo challenge 1/17/15 . . . unusual

Please excuse all the photos, but I felt like I had to post more than one photo just to give you some idea about the detail of this unusual fence/gate.  I have taken pictures of it before, yet every time I drive by these gates I have to stop.  There are two fences and gates probably about a half mile apart.  
We noticed some items that were not rusted . . . so I am assuming that even though it has been in place for years it is still being added onto.  This would have also been a wonderful post for "rust".
There is so much detail . . . these photos don't really begin to show how unique it is.
It was a beautiful day for a ride in the country.  

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  1. Oh woW!!! This reminds me a little of stuff that could be in the annual outdoor sculpture exhibition in our Botanic Gardens. Thanks for sharing so many pictures. No wonder you always stop - I would too, it's utterly fascinating. My favourite is probably the little dog, but I like the one like a web, and the last one just made me think of the character of Death in Terry Pratchett's books.