Monday, January 11, 2016

photo challenge 1/11/16 . . . guilty pleasure

 Richard asked me what my photo challenge was today . . . I told him it was "guilty pleasure" and that  I had to get a caramel macchiato or a beer . . . he responded, "both".  Actually - his first response was "me" . . . but I told him I didn't have any reason to feel guilty about him.  :)   I feel guilty about the coffee because of the calories.  I feel more guilty about the beer because it is Monday . . . but they both tasted great.  (especially on a Monday!)  Let's just throw in another guilty pleasure . . . coffee mugs.  The last thing I need is another coffee mug - but if they are gifts from my husband - I guess I can't feel guilty - right? . . . and I love this new mug!  A venti caramel macchiato after work . . . I may be up for awhile tonight.  
This never happens . . . they actually spelled my name right at Starbucks!
I disliked my name when I was young for whatever reason, but somewhere along the way that changed.  I like that it isn't very common and I like the way my parents spelled it.  Just a little thing, but when Starbucks spells your name correctly . . . 
just a sign to celebrate your name and who you are!

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  1. You've got it covered - warming up and chilling out!