Tuesday, January 5, 2016

photo challenge 1/5/16 . . . "In your bag"

 Sometime things in my life are in order . . . other times they are not.  The extra bag that I carry is seldom in order.  It catches whatever . . . coffee mug, vitamins, origami paper, journal, pens, notebooks that I jot stuff down in, chap stick, lip balm, hand gel, peppermints, coloring books, beanies, chargers, hearing aid batteries . . . . at lease that is what we have today.  
That's a little better . . . now I just need to throw in my tennis shoes so I can walk tomorrow, maybe some cards that I need to send out, a book, and my iPAD . . . 
I never know what I might be in the mood for.


  1. Does this bag have wheels......LOL
    It does resemble my "packet bag" that I take if I'm not driving, and the distance is more that 50 miles.

  2. Funny - I was going to take a picture of my extra bag I carry but it was a mess. I have that same coloring book!