Sunday, January 3, 2016

needed new pillows . . .

I'm not sure what day this was . . . it was after Christmas and after I was feeling better.  We have let life get in the way too often and haven't just gone out and wandered like we should.  I guess that should be one of my resolutions for the new year . . . Wander more - Have more fun!
So we got new pillows . . . and a beer.  
My winter break comes to an end and I am back at work tomorrow.  Am I ready for that? - no, but it is also okay.  I think I tend to get more done when I am working.  I am already making plans to start painting the house.  I am starting with one of the bathrooms.  I have decided on a color and just have to go back to work so I can get motivated to start . . . because why would I do that when I am off work for two weeks?  
This silly girl is back after being gone for two weeks. 
 I am waiting for her to show up and get her Christmas present.  
After that I am going to have to face the fact that I really do have to get up early and go to work tomorrow.  I have been doing pretty good at getting to bed at a decent hour . . . tonight - who knows?  I may just enjoy every last minute that I can.


  1. I was so not getting into any projects over the break either. It was relaxing and I'm dreading heading into work in, um, less than an hour. Hard to get up today! Hope you found good pillows!

    1. It was hard to get up . . . I really did try to get to bed early, but it didn't help much. I have my coffee and a lot of work to do - so my day should fly by. I hope yours does also.