Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dinner at Volpi's

This building which was built around 1900 has always housed a grocery store. The business was purchased in 1925 by the Volpi family.
This little back room bar was a speakeasy during Prohibition. 
  When the local ranchers brought milk and eggs to town they would leave a grocery list to be filled while they had a drink in the back room. No alcohol was produced on the premises, but was supplied by stills located within one mile of town. With the repeal of Prohibition, Volpi’s was among the first in Sonoma County to be issued a liquor license."

The house pasta and a couple of Italian beers . . . delicious!
We couldn't wait to eat at Volpi's again.  It has to be the best Italian food I have ever eaten . . . no counting calories this night.  We finished up the meal with spumoni and coffee.


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    1. I sent you an email . . . just was wanting a little more information.
      Thank you!