Wednesday, October 2, 2013

more of the Metro Hotel & Cafe . . .

I have to post more photos of the Metro Hotel and Café.  We enjoyed our stay so much . . . just wanted to share a few more.

  Rubber Duckies in the tub.  :)

 . . . a chalkboard for the headboard.  I guess every room has a chalkboard.  This was fun . . . we brought our own chalk.

 You can actually stay in these vintage trailers . . . they even had pink flamingos outside the doors. (Damn, I should have taken a picture of those.)
 I thought this stairway was a little spooky . . . Richard just shook his head at me.  There were some children playing on them one day . . . I teased him that there were probably no children staying at the Metro and that they were probably ghosts.  Again, he just shook his head at me . . . October tends to get my imagination going in that direction.  :)

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