Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Night

 Everyone seemed to be in the mood for pumpkin carving night.  We had lots of pumpkins, tortilla soup, smores . . .

 Jake and Kasey brought patterns . . . Kasey carved a Hello Kitty and Jake went with the Ninja Turtle.

 That peace sign one is mine.  I added glitter . . . never enough glitter.

 Ninja Turtles . . . Hello Kitty . . . Peace . . . and Richard even got in on the carving with his Original Adidas design.
 Owen's hands . . .
. . . and some a little spookier than others.

Peace ~ Love ~ Adidas

Where was I when this was going on? 

Pumpkin carving was followed by an outdoor movie with popcorn and smores. 
It was a little cold outside . . . these two ended up cuddled under blankets.  Poor little Charlotte was running a fever . . . so didn't really get in on the fun.  I have a few pumpkins left . . . so maybe later in the week.
Happy Halloween!

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