Thursday, October 10, 2013

zombie doll giveaway . . .

If you are a "Walking Dead" fan . . . you know the new season begins in two days.  If you are like some fans you have been counting days for some time.  I have decided to celebrate the new season by having a zombie doll giveaway.  Here's how it works . . . this little zombie needs a name.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook (Shabby Charlottes by clarehelen) - with a name suggestion for this Shabby Charlotte zombie doll.  I have 3 - 5 people in mind who will look at all the name suggestions and pick the one they like best . . . whoever suggests the winning name will get the zombie doll.  Take a good look at this little zombie and be creative . . . it may help the judges decide if you give a reason why you chose the name you did.   
I will accept suggestions until Friday, October 18th @ 12:00 pm and I will publish the winning name on Saturday, October 19th. 

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  1. This is MC
    Chispa. I am Chispa de la Vida. Chispa means (spark).Vida means (Life). I was named Chispa because I am very passionate about people, values and life. I tend to react like a spark when I see injustice towards the people I love : the frail, disable and young children. Sometimes my reactions are so spontaneous that I come off as weird, but in reality, its weird that society is silent.

    Chayo. Meet Chayo. She is quite and looks different. But don’t let her looks fool you. Like a Rose petal, she is beautiful and delicate. Chayo likes who she is: it has allowed her to embrace her physical appears. Her heart overflows with compassion for life and people. Those who know her by her true name, (Rosario) know she lives up to her name. ( Rosa; means Rose and Rio; means River.)