Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday . . .

Today is Jake's birthday . . . he turned 26.  Where did those years go?
I have always thought he looked so sad in this first picture . . . we found out two weeks later that his collar bone was broken during his birth.
He was the sweetest little boy and so easy . . . although he has a definite grumpy side to him.  Maybe that is what was really showing in that newborn picture.  :)  
 . . . I love this picture of him.  Put a ball in this kids hand or under his feet and he can do anything with it.  It was a little hard on us the day he decided to quit playing baseball . . . he is truly gifted.  He struggled around this age - because so much of his identity was tied up in his ability on the field.  I remember telling him there was so much more to him . . . and he seems to have figured that out for himself. 
Peace . . . love my boys!

I am posting these pictures of him dressed up for Halloween because as a young boy he was extremely shy and never really liked to dress up for Halloween.  He would have a costume and then end up wearing his soccer uniform and going as a soccer player . . . something he was more comfortable with.  He seems to have overcome that shyness . . .
Jake has always been wise beyond his years . . . something it took me awhile to recognize, but I can see now that has always been there.  He is hard to read sometimes . . . you never quite know what he is feeling.  One of his baseball coaches said one time  . . . that he could go 0 for 4, or 4 for 4 -  and the expression on his face was about the same.  :)
Happy Birthday Jake!

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