Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shabby Charlotte Zombie Doll - Micaela

a new zombie doll . . . a special order.  People seem to love the zombie dolls - and they are so much fun to make.  Her name is Micaela . . . I like her black lace slip, her pink skull charm, and especially her "Good Earth" bag.

Micaela is a special little zombie . . . even the other zombies know there is something a little bit different about her . . . something a little magical.  She is very creative and gathers little items in her bag wherever she goes . . . sometimes those items seem to take on some of her magic.  She carries a little bell in her bag (it is green - because that is her favorite color) . . . and it reminds her to always keep her eyes open and to keep watching, because whatever she sees may inspire her. 


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    1. Thanks! - My son's girlfriend thought this one looked a little scary . . . I have a soft spot for my little zombies - nothing scary about her. :)