Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Saturday in Petaluma . . .

There were some tennis courts just a few blocks from where we were staying, but they were not in very good shape.  So we found the high school instead.  We didn't hit long - but it felt good to run around after the drive on Friday.  Peace ~ Love ~ Tennis!
These are the two pieces I bought at Halloween and Vine.  This little spook is made out of an antique bottle.  It was made by Tina Haller
You can't see it - but the bottle hold a brass chain and arrow. 
I bought a doll from this artist last year as well.  It was made by
Christy Silacci.  I have liked her creations for years.  This is Andrew - an American Creature. 
We stopped into Ray's Tavern after the art show and tennis . . . great little delicatessen and tavern. 
So cute and simple . . . I may have to make some of these. 

There are so many cute shops and antique stores to visit in Petaluma.  I could have walked around all day just taking pictures.  :)
Richard spotted this peace sign on the curb . . .
We love this market and ended up eating lunch here.  They have an amazing deli and serve BBQ outdoors.  I believe I took a picture of this sign last year. 

Just a little bit of Saturday . . . we made a full day of it . . . more photos coming later.  We had such a great time - I just enjoy sharing everything.

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