Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Funday!

 Charlotte ready to go . . . she spent the afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma at the "Glorious Junk Days". 
 We didn't really see anything we had to have . . . but got some good ideas for refurbishing old furniture.  It was fun to just walk around and take Charlotte out.  I did find some charms to use on my dolls.
 Love You . . .

 We took her to lunch . . . and then home to have her feet painted with mom and dad. :)
Abbie saw this on Pinterest . . . really a cute idea - she is going to make some cards out of them.

I think she is going to make little ghosts out of the white ones. 
Sunday Funday!

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  1. Looks like loads of fun. I miss "fleaing" but I love looking at pictures of flea markets, antique fairs, or swap meets - whatever you call them. There's something about the collections with their colors and shapes and possibilities! And those will be very cute cards.