Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shabby Charlotte Zombie Doll - Adabel

I didn't intend for this doll to be a zombie, but when I stained her with coffee - she had a weird looking spot on her face.  I guess she was supposed to be a zombie . . . meet Adabel.
Adabel is a spontaneous little zombie who loves to be silly and have fun.  She likes spur of the moment road trips and late night stops at iHop for red velvet pancakes - which she cuts up with her little pink sword.  She always wanted to be a princess and thought if she dressed up like one for Halloween she might magically turn into one.   She even has a frog in her bag . . . which she has tried to kiss and turn into a prince – thinking that would help.  So far it hasn’t seemed to work . . . but she is very happy to have a pet frog and lately has decided that it is better to be herself - and be happy - than try to be something she is not.

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1 comment:

  1. Cute little zombie doll! I love all the little touches you put into them like that sweet owl necklace. And their bios always make me smile. This has been a week of Ada's for me. I registered a student that came from a school called St. Adalbert. A friend's daughter named her new baby girl Adaline. And you've introduced Adabel to the world. Pay no attention to my rambling. That's just the KOOK in me.