Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween and Vine

One of the main reasons we go to Petaluma this time of year is for "Halloween & Vine" . . . it is an amazing Halloween art show.  It is not a very big show, but well worth the trip.   Of course it appeals to me with my love of Halloween . . . and all of it's creepy decorations.  I thought I was taking a lot of photos, but I wish I had taken more.  I guess I enjoyed looking at things so much that I forgot to use the camera.  We walked through a couple of times . . . I bought a doll and a cute spook made out of an old bottle - I will post pictures of them later.  I also got so many wonderful ideas.  I especially liked talking to the artist who made this candelabra in the last photo and her husband.  Her idea behind her creepy doll head creations is that someone loved these dolls at one time . . . so she is just turning them into something that someone else will love.  A little creepy - yes, but very unique.
Take a look at all the artists . . . Halloween and Vine

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  1. Maybe they could use some cute little Shabby Charlotte's!