Thursday, October 17, 2013

October . . .

Oh how I enjoy October . . . it is still quite warm, but the weather has changed enough to enjoy what we know as Autumn.  I went for a 3 mile walk/run during my lunch break . . . it was so beautiful outside that I hated to come back to work.  Autumn colors . . . grinning pumpkins . . . whimsical Halloween decorations that I can't seem to get enough of.  I still  need to decorate the outside of the house . . . I still haven't done that.  I've been too busy making dolls.  I also am in the mood to glitter something . . . I'll have to think on that a bit. 
The woman who ordered Miceala just picked her up . . . When someone orders a doll - without having seen them, I am always a little anxious to see if they like the doll and if it was what they were wanting.  They usually give me a few specifics as far as hair and eye color - and a few other characteristics they want in a doll.  Then I will put it together along with a little bio on the doll and I hope it is what they are looking for. 
My favorite part of special orders is when the doll is a gift for someone . . . and the person ordering the doll describes the person I am making it for.  It has touched my heart to hear how people describe the people they love and care about . . . and because of that I want the dolls and their stories to be special.  The woman said she loved her doll . . . but then Miceala is a special little zombie.

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